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Organizing Committees

ISN has put together a fantastic roster of committee members to ensure WCN 2015 delivers a ground-breaking scientific program with world renowned faculty, authoritative and innovative keynote lectures, and state-of-the-art knowledge that is relevant and adapted to renal care practices throughout the world.

Congress Chairman
Giuseppe Remuzzi (Italy) – ISN President

Scientific Program Chairs
Pierre Ronco (France) - Chair
Jürgen Floege (Germany) – Co-Chair
Julie Ingelfinger (USA) – Co-Chair
Charles Swanepoel (South Africa) – Co-Chair

Congress Organizing Committee (COC)
Giuseppe Remuzzi (Italy) – Congress Chairman
Pierre Ronco (France) – Scientific Program Committee Chair
Charles Swanepoel (South Africa) – LOC Chair
Ricardo Correa-Rotter (Mexico) – ISN Secretary General
Tom Coffman (USA) – ISN Treasurer
Adeera Levin (Canada) – ISN President Elect
Luca Segantini (Belgium) – ISN Executive Director
Wessel Nieuwenweg (Belgium) – ISN Congress Director

Scientific Program Committee
Dwomoa Adu (Ghana)
Mohammed Benghanem-Garbi (Morocco)
Ariela Benigni (Italy)
Nan Chen (China)
Pierre Cochat (France)
Brett Cullis (South Africa)
Olivier Devuyst (Switzerland)
Denis P. Fouque (France)
Masafumi Fukagawa (Japan)
J. Charles Jennette (USA)
Vivekanand Jha (India)
Richard J. Johnson (USA)
Nine Knoers (The Netherlands)
Jeffrey B. Kopp (USA)
Christian Kurts (Germany)
Norbert Lameire (Belgium)
Christophe Legendre (France)
Philip Kam-Tao Li (Hong Kong)
Valerie Luyckx (Canada)
Mignon I. McCulloch (South Africa)
Ravindra L. Mehta (USA)
Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa)
Masaomi Nangaku (Japan)
Oscar Noboa (Uruguay)
Ike Okpechi (South Africa)
Jeffrey Perl (Canada)
Brian L. Rayner (South Africa)
Miguel C. Riella (Brazil)
David J. Salant (USA)
Ravi Thadhani (USA)
Christoph Wanner (Germany)
Nicola Wearne (South Africa)
Jan J. Weening (The Netherlands)
Carmine Zoccali (Italy)

Abstract Co-Chairs
Markus Ketteler (Germany)
Mohammed Rafique Moosa (South Africa)

CNE Co-Chairs
Mohammed Benghanem-Garbi (Morocco)
Ike Okpechi (South Africa)

Renal Pathology Course Committee
J. Charles Jennette (USA)

Training, Teaching and Educational Committee
Norbert H. Lameire (Belgium)

Committee for Interventional Nephrology
Brett Cullis (South Africa)
Miguel C. Riella (Brazil)