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Journalists who are employed by accredited news organizations (newspapers, web journals, press-agencies etc.) for the purpose of editorial coverage of the event for those organizations can be granted media credentials and can register free of charge to WCN 2015. Registering journalists must submit media credentials, valid press card, to prove they have been appointed to cover the meeting. Journalists must register in person: they have to show their press card at the registration desk.

Industry official speakers, staff and their communication agents are not eligible for press registration.

All scientific sessions and official conference of WCN 2015 are open to accredited journalists, but they are not allowed to actively take part in the sessions (i.e. asking questions to the speakers).


Press Kit

CLICK HERE to download the WCN 2015 Press Kit


Press badge is required to enter any of the sessions.


News Embargo
The ISN embargo lifts at the beginning of a presentation, not at the beginning of a session. For example: A presentation starting at 14:15 – 15:00, would be embargoed for 14:15. Therefore any data or late-breaking information disseminated during this presentation could be used at the start of the presentation.


Industry Media Events
It is not permitted to schedule press events that coincide with the official press conference or any other official events of the congress. WCN 2015 does not make its press database or registration lists available to Industry.

Data, contents and news presented at any scientific session of the congress or Industry Symposia must be embargoed until the date and time of the official presentation.

Industry and all its PR/communications/media people must register for the Congress.

Companies and academic institutions involved in arranging symposia are liable for the adhering to and enforcing of embargoes. In the event of an embargo being broken, the congress organisation reserves the right to impose sanctions against individuals or organizations that are associated with the data being released.



For all press registrations and inquiries, please contact Jesper Lillelund a  jlillelund@theisn.org.