Different Types of Beads Used in Jewelry Making

It is one of mankind’s oldest inventions. The Glass beads are found in necklaces with beaded accents as well as bracelets. It has been proven that necklaces with beading were worn during Ice Age periods and even prior to that. There have also been beaded necklaces found in Egyptian tombs, Roman cities and Ice Age encampments. The materials used by men to make beads have changed over time. As technology advances, more and different materials can now be used to make beads. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular types and materials for making jewelry.

Plastic beads are lightweight and are commonly used for making jewelry. Durable and very inexpensive, they are a great choice. Usually, they’re used to create jewelry for children’s wear, but are now also popular in creating funky jewellery for women. Because they don’t possess the same appeal as glass or crystal, jewelry designers prefer not to use them when designing sophisticated and elegant pieces.

Beads made with pearls are usually quite costly, as the actual pearls are often used. Faux pearls are manufactured by some companies. In factories they add other chemicals to give them the pearl-like shine. However, the ones made out of real pearls look elegant and are very stylish.

These small metal pieces can be created from a variety of different metals. The cost of beads is determined by their metal. The price of gold beads is usually higher than that of sterling silver. It is possible to form metal into any shape. They can also be decorated with intricate patterns and details, which make them unique.

Wood is a material which is often used in creating beads. The use of wood as a material for body decorations dates back to the very beginnings of humankind. There are techniques to give these beads color, texture or shine. Because wood is so readily available around the globe today, wooden beads are one of the most inexpensive beads.

It is no surprise that glass beads are in high demand. The beads have an elegant look and are often used in jewelry. These stones have a lustrous shine, and when they’re cut into facets they can reflect light to make them even more stunning. The shapes, colours and sizes are varied. Available in both single and multiple solid colors. Transparent, translucent or opaque, you can choose from all of them.

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